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Over 100 million people return “not hit” or thin files when traditional credit reports are run. With Payment Reporting Builds Credit (PRBC), you can evaluate these customers and get a predictive credit score based on their financial behaviors.

As a supplementary data set to traditional credit reports, The PRBC Credit Agency reports on applicant’s payment habits as concerns other expenses and obligations in their lives including: Rent, Utilities, Mobile phone accounts.

The PRBC Consumer Report returns decision-critical information such as:

  • PRBC Score for alternative credit risk scoring
  • Alternative credit trade lines (i.e. rent, utilities, short term loans, etc.)
  • Banking inquiries
  • Positive and negative retail bank transaction items
  • Bank account closures
  • Bankruptcy, lien, judgment and eviction records
  • Real property ownership
  • Personal identifying information (i.e. SSN, DOB, DL number, aliases, phones)
  • Current and previous address history
  • Identity verification attributes

​About 100,000,000 Americans have little or no credit history on file with the traditional credit bureaus. Yet may of these people are responsible consumers with steady incomes. The PRBC Consumer Report allows businesses to pre-screen and evaluate often-overlooked potential customers. In doing so, your business can tap a huge potential market.

The PRBC Consumer Report is used by many industries including retail finance (furniture, jewelry), rent-to-own finance, buy-here-pay-here auto finance, tenant screening and residential service screening (security alarms, water delivery, etc.)

Make smarter loan decisions, protect yourself from fraud and collect your money faster.

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 Common Uses

Traditional Credit Reporting

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Fraud Detection and Debt Recovery Tools

Merchant Verification

Why you need Credit Reports?

We market a complete suite of data products that support the entire finance process, from loan originations and background checks to fraud detection, collections and regulatory compliance. Access all Traditional and Alternative Market Risk Management Solutions through a single convenient online portal. POWERFUL data and decisioning tools instantly at your fingertips.  All products are built by our network provider's powerful combination of public, private and propriety data. 

Credit decisioning and prescreening on consumers participating in the traditional credit marketplace for: vehicle financing, tenant screening, retail financing, equipment leasing and rentals, mortgage and home equity lending, pre-employment screening

Traditional credit reporting offers decision-critical information on all of the following consumer credit attributes: Credit scoring, Credit summary (i.e. balance, high/low credit limit, open/paid accounts, etc.), Trade line information, Reported collections, Public record information, and ​Credit inquiries

We provide consumer credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.​  Leveraging traditional credit reporting and scoring  from multiple providers allows end users to address regional and market  differences in coverage that may exist between bureaus when assessing the credit risk  of consumers participating in the traditional credit marketplace. Users may receive reports in the originating bureau’s report format, or may opt to use  easy-to-understand common report format to allow for consistent viewing of  data for all bureaus. Additional advantages exist for users including multi-bureau merged report options, no extra bureau fees, avoidance of being subject to trigger leads, integrated access via leading loan management systems, data reporting  support (i.e. Metro2 conversion) and much more. 

PRBC iPredict   A complete customizable tool that uses PRBC alternative credit data to automate loan origination decisioning.  iPredict is a single, convenient and integrated predictive scoring product that can be easily implemented across various product lines.

As a dynamic credit scoring solution, iPredict allows short-term lenders to assess credit risk on almost any consumer.  iPredict employs sophisticated algorithms to mine data from the industry’s largest and most relied upon short-term lending credit bureau database.

iPredict factors in over 165 data attributes when calculating the potential risk of a loan applicant defaulting on a loan. The iPredict report returns the following data: 

  • iPredict Score for short term credit risk
  • Short term credit inquiry attributes
  • Short term loan history (loans given, payments, etc.)
  • Consumer stability attributes
  • Bankruptcy, Liens, Judgment and Eviction records
  • DDA banking attributes​

iPredict enables companies to quickly evaluate the risk level of a potential loan applicant leading to reduced defaults, better margins and more efficient business processes. It is used in many industries including short term installment lending, buy-here-pay-here auto financing, check cashing, title lending and retail financing.

ID Verification.  Don’t do business with the wrong people. With identity verification products you can search multiple data source – including Federal and international watchlists – to confirm the identity of an individual or entity before doing business with them.  Cross-references multiple data sources to confirm an identity and appends a fraudulence risk score automatically. 

​​Watchlist Search.  Searches for an individual on the Federal OFAC watchlist as required by the Federal Patriot Act. 

ID Authenticate.  Easily integrated into call-centers and website, ID authenticate confirms identity through questions only the individual would know the answers to. 

Super Phone.   Super Phone is a dynamic skip tracing tool that offers you complete control over the search process when attempting to locate phone numbers, addresses and associated individual or business names.

Enhanced People Search. Quickly locate an individual while gathering critical identity and contact information in the process. 

People Search.  People Search is an early stage skip tracing tool that offers flexible request options and a simple report structure for locating an individual’s current address, previous address history, associated phone numbers and aliases. 

Address Search.   MicroBilt Address Search is an advanced skip tracing tool that offers expanded sourcing, flexible request options and a simple report structure for locating an individual’s current address, previous address history, associated phone numbers and aliases. 

Trace Detail.  Find an individual’s current address while simultaneously identifying neighbors, associated and co-inhabitants. 

Bank & Debtor Locator.   With a single convenient report, you can pull traditional credit bureau data to identify Inquiries, Employment and Address information on an individual consumer. 

SPOT Verified Bank Locator.  Locate, verify and predict the performance of an individual’s bank accounts. 

SPOT Place of Employment Report.  Simply put, the collection industry’s most comprehensive, accurate and convenient data source for place of employment reporting. 

SPOT Verified Place of Employment.  The SPOT Verified Place of Employment (POE) Report does the extra work to confirm an individual’s current place of employment. 

Property Search Report.  Property Search Report shows you property owned or recently sold by an individual. It can be searched based on an individual’s information or in reverse, based on a property address.Learn More

Decision Table.  A customizable automated loan decisioning tool. It  is a turn-key solution that allows users to customize rules to facilitate automated credit decisioning managed through MicroBilt’s online interface. In just a few seconds, Decision Table can retrieve data from one or more credit bureaus, apply a company’s decision criteria, and deliver an answer back to the end-user or applicant with the appropriate offer.  This solution gives companies the ability to create an automated decision waterfall containing up to 25 different decision tiers by selecting from over 200 credit application and report attributes including:

  • Database Prescreen Attributes
  • Bankruptcies/ Liens/Judgments, Evictions, Criminal, OFAC, etc…
  • Application Prescreen Attributes 
  • Length-of-Residence, Employment, Rent/Own, Income, Loan Amount, etc…
  • Authentication Prescreen Attributes
  • SSN Verification, Address Verification, Reported Fraud, Inquiry Activity, etc…
  • Credit Scores
  • Multiple bureau scores and models may be utilized
  • Trade Line Activity Attributes
  • Trades Past Due, Trades Delinquent, New Trades Opened, etc…
  • Negative Trade Line Attributes
  • Foreclosures, Charge-Offs, Repossessions, Garnishments, etc.

Every smart business does a little due diligence before working with another company. MicroBilt makes this easy to a suite of merchant verification products designed to put timely information at your fingertips.

Business Search.  A lower-cost alternative to business credit bureau reports for when you only need basic business information. Learn More.

Dun & Bradstreet Reports.  Easy access to reporting from one of the world’s leading commercial credit bureaus.  Learn More.

Paynet Company Search & Payment History Report.  An effective way to get both credit history and equipment financing information on a specific company. Learn More.

Professional License Verification.  Search licensing agencies nationwide to confirm an individual’s professional credentials. Learn More. 

Secretary of State Filings Search.  Easy, fast access to the reports, registrations and filings on public record in all 50 states. Learn More.

UCC Search Report.  Identify any individual or entity that has filed claim on collateral pledges on a loan.  Learn More.

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