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DMV Records

Civil Records

Confirm their credentials before you hire.  A convenient tool for verifying an applicant’s employment and education.  Using a provided employer or educational institution phone number, our representative will call and confirm the details of an applicant’s status with the company or education.  Use it to verify that the statements made during a lease or employment application are accurate.  Learn More

Bankruptcy Search

Bankruptcy Search allows you to find bankruptcies on individuals and businesses filed in the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy courts located in all 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. Learn More

Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments

Search our regularly-updated (within two days of a filing) database of bankruptcy, liens and judgments or pull a specific detailed report on a consumer.

Learn More

Evictions, Suits, Liens and Judgments

Search the eviction history of a consumer via a database search or a more comprehensive manual researcher-initiated report. Learn More

Whether you’re a landlord looking into a potential tenant, or an employer about to make a hire, background screening is an important step in making a smart decision. Our Background screening products allow you to look at an individual’s civil, criminal and motor vehicle background data:

Know who you are hiring, renting to, and doing business with before it is too late!

Criminal Records


Criminal Search

We offers a variety of quick database searches and reports to help identify a history of criminal activity. Learn More

Employment & Education Verification

Driver’s License Verification

Driver's License Verification product is used at the point-of-sale to validate customer identity and substantially reduce identity fraud exposure using driver's license information.  Learn More

Motor Vehicle Search

The Motor Vehicle Search validates applicant information with data obtained directly from state DMV databases and other government agencies while verifying the driver's motor vehicle records such as their registration data and lien information. Learn More

MVR Records Report

Checking the driving record of current and prospective employees is crucial to the success of your businesses. Search the Department of Motor Vehicles to gather trustworthy information which may pertain to areas of public safety, human resources and other business permissible purposes. Learn More

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