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  • It is recommended to first schedule a call Eduardo Ramirez before completing the application. This open Q&A session will help identify which product is right for you and what the proposed terms could be should we approve the application. While we can never know exactly what the rate will be until you fill out the application, we will give our best estimate based on our historical data.
  • The application includes a checklist for funding. However we only need a few items to make an initial determination and offer a proposal (see application)
  • Once we have received the signed application and supporting documents, the file is sent in for an initial review. If accepted, a proposal is issued to the client for consideration.
  • Upon acceptance of the signed proposal we will collect the remaining open items needed for underwriting (see application).
  • Searches are ordered at this time and documents are sent to the client for execution. 
  • Once the signed documents are received, we will move the file into verification. At this time we will collect a copy of the invoices/purchase orders that you would like to fund & begin the assignment & verification process.
  • Once the paperwork is verified and assigned we will fund the account.
  • After the first funding we will assign you an account executive to handle subsequent funding’s. They will train you on our online system and further instruct you how to submit future funding requests.

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