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Eduardo Ramirez -

MLO NMLS #1086161 California and Minnesota - Approved-Inactive

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Music is my passion and entrepreneurship my devotion.  I've been playing guitar by ear since I was 4 years old; I never learned to read music because I chose to learn how to read financial statements instead.  My love for guitars is what compels me now to promote SanGraal Guitars and to assist other musical instruments manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in providing world class products and services to professional and amateur musicians of all ages, gender, nationalities, religion, and political affiliation to help us put aside our differences and enjoy what music makes possible: Harmony!

I provide financial services because that's what I've done since I graduated from San Francisco State University. ​I worked in the debt recovery industry, electronics business development, international accounts receivable management (ARM), ARM contact center software development project management, real estate investing, and recruiting. Soon I will be offering home mortgage loans in California and Minnesota (MLO NMLS # 1086161 approved - inactive. Looking for sponsor). 

I supply human resources and capital solutions from point of sales to collection:

You can learn more about me at LinkedIn. It would be an honor to learn about your guitar needs, business requirements, and if you are in Bogota, Colombia, La Crosse, WI, Red Wing, MN, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, or El Salvador, CA, perhaps we can get together and Jam.