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BDA-800-603 iDen Wireless In-Building Bi-Directional Cellular Amplifier Kit

Wireless In-Building Bi-Directional Amplifiers - Kits

BDA-819-603 Kits

For GSM, CDMA & TDMA cellular: 824 - 849 MHz

BDA-800-603 Kits

For iDEN (Nextel, Southern LINC & Mike in Canada): 806 - 869 MHz 

BDA-1900-603 Kits

For PCS, GSM & CDMA cellular: 1850 - 1990 MHz 

BDA-900-603 Kits

For GSM, CDMA: 890 - 960 MHz (International Model)

BDA-1800-603 Kits

For GSM, CDMA: 1710 - 1880 MHz (International Model)


Wireless In-Vehicle Amplifiers - Kits

BDA-819-V Kit

For GSM, CDMA & TDMA cellular: 
824 - 894 MHz 

BDA-800-V Kit

For iDEN (Nextel, Southern LINC & Mike in Canada): 
806 - 869 MHz 

BDA-1900-V Kit

For PCS, GSM & CDMA cellular: 
1850 - 1990 MHz

BDA-900-V Kit

890 - 960 MHz (International Model)

BDA-1800-V Kit

1710 - 1880 MHz (International Model) 

Cellular Coverage Made Simple for Homes, Offices, and other Buildings.
Up to 5,000 sq. ft. (464.52 sq. m.)

Proudly Made in the USA

Bidirectional Amplifier in Building Application 

Kit includes all you need to improve
In-Building Cellular Coverage: 

  • 65 dB BDA, AC Adapter
  • In-Building Panel Antenna
  • Yagi Antenna
  • Mounting Pipe & Braket
  • 50' Low Loss Cable
  • 25' Low Loss Cable
  • User Manual. 

The Boston Amplifier’s BI-DIRECTIONAL AMPLIFIERS (BDA) improves in-building cellular coverage where there is signal outside but little or no signal inside of the building. The BDA-800-603 offers a cost effective solution for people who need better cell phone communication in their home, office, or small business.


BDA-800-603 Specification

Multi-User Capabilities

Frequency Bands:  Transmit (Uplink) 806 - 824 (MHz)

Wireless Connection to Cell Phones & Data Cards

Frequency Bands:  Receive (Downlink) 851 - 869 (MHz)

Works On Motorola iDen (Nextel, Southern LINC & Mike in Canada)

Noise:  1.0 dB typical to 1.5 dB Max

Works On All Generations of High Speed Technologies

Max Uplink Power / Gain:  Power: 3 Watts / Gain: 60 dB to 68 dB

Configuration not Required

Max Downlink Gain:  Gain 60 dB to 68 dB

Automatic Antennas Separation Detection (SST)

Max Cell Phone Power:  600 mWatts

Improves Voice Quality

Input Power:  12 V - 24 VDC Battery or AC Adapter

Improves Data Transmission

DC Power Requirements:  12 V - 24 VDC 2 A, (500mA Typical)

Extends Cell Signal Range

Operating Temperature:  -40 °F to 140 °F to (-40 °C to 60 °C)

FCC & IC Approved 

Connectors:  "N" (Female)

FCC: T5C-800603-BDA
IC: 6376A-800603-BDA

Indicator Lights:  Power & SST (Signal Sensing Technology©)


Mechanical Dimensions:  4.00" x 7.40" x 1.85" (10.16 cm x 18.80 cm x 4.70 cm)


Weight:   1.76 lbs (.80 kg)


Signal Coverage Area:  Up to 5,000 sq. ft. (464.52 sq. m)

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