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iNetVu Mobile Self-Appointing Antenna Systems

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iNetVu - Up to the task - All units operate on Ku Band frequency unless stated

iNetVu Ka66

Operating on Ka band frequency, this unit delivers the speeds of a larger antenna with the convenience of a smaller one.

iNetVu Ka98

iNetVu 750 
The 750 is a small, compact unit ideal for Hughes Net applications. The 750 is a small footprint unit that is used primarily with Gilat equipment.

iNetVu 980 

Offers better performance than smaller antennas and allows for faster speeds. Used with all supported modems.

iNetVu 1200 
Our best-selling unit, adopted worldwide across industries, offers a wide range and fast speeds ideal for many applications. Used with all supported modems.

iNetVu 1000/1200 Flyaway
This compact, portable, fully motorized, tripod based platform comes with aluminum cases. It can be set up and made operational in less than 15 minutes.
Airline checkable. 6 piece fibre reflector fits in a suitcase.

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iNetVu 1500
Carbon Fibre
. Good size for smaller vehicles and operates on Ku or C-Band. Light carbon fiber reflector that works with all supported modems.

iNetVu 1800

Operating on Ku, C, or X band, this durable and rugged unit provides impressive range and available speeds. Used with all supported modems.

iNetVu 1200 Cases Ideal for Mobile Applications: Military Field Sites, Homeland Security and Police Units, Disaster Recovery Operations, Mobile Medical Units, Mining and Forestry Operations, News / Media Event. Almost any other store-ship-deploy application

iNetVu 5000-9000-7000 Controller Rack Mount Case

iNetVu 3000 
Controller hand-held manual controller has the same look and feel as a video game controller. It allows you to operate the platform without having the auto-pointing controller or PC attached to it. In addition, this controller makes it possible to operate the iNetVu mobile antenna at variable spees.

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iNetVu 7000 Controller  iNetVu Beacon Receiver  iNetVu PowerSmart
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iNetVu Worldwide Distribution NetworkC-COM Satellite Systems Inc. is a leader in the development and manufacture of commercial-grade auto-acquisition VSAT antennas, designed for delivery of two-way satellite based data, VoIP, and video services for mobile applications. 

What if, all telephone lines, cell towers, and terrestrial cable lines were destroyed by natural or man-made disaster as with Hurricane Katrina? What happens in remote locations where the infrastructure simply does not exist? What about those who respond first to cries of help — without foreknowledge of the communications status — whose ability to contact the outside world may be the difference between life and death?

For all these situations, the solution is simple: iNetVu. Anytime, Anywhere!

From stowed and inactive to deployed and communicating in minutes.


SolarPack - 120 VAC or 220 VAC or 12VDC with solar charging controller2 foldable solar pannels.  Includes DC to AC  inverterSealed, non spillable100 Amp-hour AGM battery

PowerSmart - Ideal for applications where a VSAT modem does not provide enough power for transmission. BUC parameters can be monitored and adjusted over serial port between PC and 1480

When information is essential, regardless of location or circumstance, you can trust the iNetVu to deliver. On time, every time.

Enables full communications  -  The iNetVu delivers a reliable, high-speed two-way satellite based Internet connection, allowing you to surf the web, access email, talk using VoIP, download files and photos, upload streaming video, and more — at any time, and from anywhere.

Simplicity and reliability - One button, two minutes, and a clear line of sight towards the Equator are all you need to have your communications up and running. The iNetVu is self-pointing, and automatically acquires a satellite signal that enables service through your Internet Service Provider. When you’re finished, the antenna automatically stows itself with the push of a button, and is ready for transport in seconds.

One Stop Shop C-COM  is a single source designer and manufacturer of its iNetVu mobile antenna systems. The company also provides 24/7 technical support on all of the products it manufactures. C-COM engineers design the iNetVu controllers as well as the mechanical platforms and also develop software and firmware that allows these systems to work together seamlessly. We also provide a fast and efficient after sales service and technical support, making us one of the few in this business who can claim to be a truly “One Stop Shop” solution.

Most Advanced Satellite Acquisition  - Our in-house engineering team has developed proprietary technologies that allow the iNetVu systems to locate satellites using the most advanced satellite acquisition methods available todate, including the ability to track inclined orbit satellites. Our controllers have been designed to work seamlessly with many of the most popular commercially available satellite modems in the market today as well as with virtually all geostationary and inclined orbit satellites deployed arround the world.

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