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Invoice Factoring - Business Loans - Card Payment Processing

Eduardo Ramirez, Broker


Factoring is a financial mechanism that originated with the Mesopotamian culture. Its effectiveness has been proven over centuries of successful transactions.

With today's technology it is faster than ever to get paid and move on to run the business: Manage investments and expenses.

The factor buys your account receivables, pays you within 24 hours, and collects from your customers.

We work with many factoring companies to give our customers the most appropriate solution for their unique requirements. 


The Factoring company has the expertise and tools to evaluate the creditworthiness of the sellers customers.  

Credit is granted to customers based on their credit strength and not on the sellers'.   

The factor assumes ownership of the accounts receivables and all the risks associated with it if the transfer is made without recourse, the seller relinquishes any title of the sold receivables. 



Factoring is like a credit card where the bank (factor) is buying the debt of the customer without recourse to the seller; if the buyer doesn't pay the amount to the seller the bank cannot claim the money from the seller or the merchant, just as the bank in this case can only claim the money from the debt issuer.

However, If the factoring transfers the receivable with recourse, the factor has the right to collect the unpaid invoice amount from the transferor (Seller).